Sunday, March 24, 2019

Download Festival Melbourne 2019

While I always wanted to go to a festival I was apprehensive because I felt it may be too difficult.  The long day, the unpredictable weather and potentially not having a great view didn’t fill me with confidence.  Last year I decided though to give it a go. This was because the lineup for Download was too good to pass up.  Ozzy Osbourne, Slayer, Anthrax and Judas Priest are all favorites.  The opportunity to see them all in the one day made it worth taking on Flemington Racecourse. 

It was torture waiting for the gig to come around.  I can’t remember the exact length of time but I potentially had the tickets for six months.  Then with less than a month to go Ozzy pulled out which was disappointing. 

The day finally arrived and the first band I saw was Behemoth. I wouldn’t go out of my way to see them again.  However, they did have excellent stage presence and the crowd seemed into them. 

Soon after they finished Anthrax took to a nearby stage.  This was pretty much a greatest hits package.  They didn’t play anywhere near long enough which was a shame. Anthrax deserved more time, forty minutes doesn’t do them justice. Hopefully they’ll return soon on a headlining tour. 

After Anthrax I took some time to check out what else was going on. I caught up with mates and saw Code Orange and Alien Weaponry. Code Orange were a hardcore band that didn’t do much for me. The highlight being that they played in a circus like tent.  I would have loved to see a band I liked play there.  Alien Weaponry get credit for being so young with the band having three 17 year old guys from New Zealand. Their alternative style of metal being alright but regardless of what I thought at such a young age they certainly have a future. 

I returned to the main stage area to see Alice in Chains. They almost stole the show. Their near hour set was super impressive to the point that I wished I was more familiar with their music.  Mostly though, it was all about Would which has always been a favorite so hearing it live was certainly memorable.  I definitely want to see them again.

Immediately following was Judas Priest, the band I wanted to see the most.  Kicking off with Firepower they were incredible.  Given how long they have been going they did a pretty good job of playing songs from throughout their career.  Personal highlight was when they played Turbo Lover because I’ve pretty much memorized it.  To make it even more significant they followed it up with Rising From Ruins which is probably the best song from Firepower.  Halford, at 67 was taking deep breaths at times but still seems to have plenty left.

Finally, it was Slayer. Being their final world tour this was an emotional performance.  I am not in the loop like I use to be so this was a nice reminder as to how much I love Slayer. Fatigue had well and truly settled in but I managed to soldier on. This was not easy as Slayer charged through songs like Mandatory Suicide, Postmortem and in particular Chemical Warfare.  With Ozzy’s no show this meant we pretty much got the full Slayer set which I appreciated.  It was the perfect ending to Download. 

 This was a great day of metal. Flemington Racecourse wasn’t too much of an obstacle course and it was a well organized event. While there are still considerations I now have the festival bug. Hopefully Download can have a similar lineup again next year and I can do it all again. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Dee Snider Live At The Croxton

There weren’t too many bands that I wanted to see more than Twisted Sister.  So while it wasn’t the same, I was pretty pumped to be going to see Dee Snider. In my eyes he is a legend.  His outspoken ways make him more interesting than most in the metal world. 

This would also be my first time going to The Croxton. I doubt that it would be as good as The Corner but I heard good things so I was intrigued. 

Starting off the night was called The Blacktides.  They definitely weren’t my thing, they were a two piece band that were average at best. The main problem was that they seemed out of place for a Dee Snider gig. They didn’t seem like an act that would have been inspired by his music. This was a shame because there are plenty of bands that would have done a better job. 

As Judas Priest’s Exciter played Dee Snider and his band took to the stage. What followed was a combination of songs from throughout his career.  Although I would have like some more Twisted Sister I was please with his performance. 

At 64 he sounded terrific and was energetic on stage.  Of his solo material Tomorrow’s No Concern was the standout.  When it came to Twisted Sister there was plenty to enjoy. We’re Not Gonna Take It was sung by all.  The Clive Palmer controversy only adding to its appeal.  Personal favorites like You Can’t Stop Rock and Roll and Under The Blade were both brilliant.  For me though I Wanna Rock was the best song he played.  Snider got the crowd fully involved in this one and it’s something I never tire of.

The show to a close with the ACDC classic Highway To Hell.  While this sounded great I found it to be a bit of a waste.  With a back catalogue like Snider has it would have nice to hear one more Twisted Sister song.  I would have like to hear What You Don’t Know Sure Can Hurt You, but you can’t have everything. 

After the show I found time to catch up with many of the metal gang and we were all in agreement that it had been a good gig. This rounded out the night well. 

It had been 34 years between visits to Australia for Dee Snider and he promised it wouldn’t be that long again.  We can only hope that’s the case and that he’ll be back doing his thing sooner rather than later.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Metal United Melbourne 2018

It’s been way too long since I have been to a gig. I certainly made up for lost time with my recent trip to Max Watts, formerly the Hi-Fi Bar. This is clearly one of the best venues to see music in Melbourne. And what a pleasure it was to be there to witness our version of the Metal United tour.

I turned up and caught up with Mr Juicy who happened to be going past.  I was tempted to join him on his trip to a cigar bar, maybe another time. Anyway once inside I found Damnations Day already playing. They are just brilliant.  Blessed with one of the finest vocalists going Damnations Day remain a premier live act in this country. Sadly their set was not that long. Highlights were The Witness and A World Awakens.

In between bands there was romance in the air. I received a kiss from my old mate Shane. I also got one from Mark the lead singer of Damnations Day, which was much appreciated.

In Malices Wake  were up next. This was their best performance but I’m not that into them. There are just too many options when it comes to thrash metal.

After that it was Alarum. They were solid without being spectacular. I was left not knowing whether they are a quality band or not.

Vanishing Point took to the stage next. Unfortunately I found myself sitting on the wrong side. For years I have diligently attempted to be on the side the lead guitarist Chris Porcianko and he decides to change it up. They remain one of my all time favourite local bands but this wasn't them at their best. I still enjoyed most of what they did, highlight was Distant Is The Sun.

Lord were the headliners on this occasion and I couldn’t have been More pleased. This was the closest I had ever been, which made it more memorable. It also helped that it was a well rounded set. I joined in with the pirate themed Terranno Del Mar as I always do. I also got right into Set In Stone, which has become Gary’s and I song. Covering all bases Lord briefly played part of the Maiden classic Heaven Can Wait to a tremendous reaction.

Immediately after their set I was fortunate enough to meet Andy Dowling the base player for Lord. To say I was thrilled is a massive understatement. A true gentleman and someone I have a lot in common with. I quickly suggested double dipping by being guests on each other’s podcast. Now to find the time to get it done.

This was a beautiful end to the night. If only every night of metal was like this.

Monday, June 4, 2018

0020 With Hoard World Part 2

In this episode of The Lachlan McLeod Show, Hoard World Founder Anthony Davies returns. He and Lachlan discuss the consequences of not being able to buy from Amazon USA and UK. They talk about what the implications could be for them not only as toy collectors but as people who have relied on the site for its accessibility and ease for many years.


They then discuss women in the sex industry. They talk of how there isn’t enough positive portrayals about women in the industry and how they would like to see this change.


Anthony can be found online at:











Lachlan can be found online at:





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Sunday, May 6, 2018

0019 Free Comic Book Day Reaction With HoardWorld

In this episode of The Lachlan McLeod Show, Lachlan and HoardWorld Founder Anthony Davies react to Free Comic Book Day. They then go on to discuss some of their favourite toys like Batman and Masters Of The Universe.


Anthony can be found online at:












Lachlan can be found online at:








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Monday, April 30, 2018

0018 NDIS, Free Comic Book Day Preview

In this episode of The Lachlan McLeod Show, Lachlan talks about his frustrations with the NDIS. He also previews this years Free Comic Book Day.

Check out this episode!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Why I am apprehensive about the NDIS? Part 5

It’s been some time since I wrote a blog let alone one in this ongoing series. I was compelled to get back into action because I just had my first NDIS planning meeting. Turns out I may have been too lenient when I decided to use apprehensive in the title. The NDIS staff were nice enough but the experience left me dejected far more than I could have imagined.

From my understanding the NDIS has been promoted as being a more efficient service with better outcomes. Motivating words as it looked like people with disability would actually get choice and control. This sounds absolutely wonderful and the parochial side in me thinks it’s about time. Having been burned so many times I have remained skeptical since I first heard about the NDIS. I have been forced into taking the approach I’ll believe it when I see it. Even with this mindset I wasn’t ready for what transpired.

Everywhere on the Internet maintains what a big deal the planners and planning meeting is. I didn’t do as much research as I could have falling into the trap of finding it all too boring as usual. I did however receive assistance from St Vincent’s and felt adequately prepared. The advice always seemed to be explain your needs in excruciating detail. And while I went through the thoughts of do I have too I was ready to give it a go once again.

Not long into the meeting I realised explaining my needs would be an ongoing theme. Potentially for the next year or more pending approval of my plan. I haven’t been so disappointed for some time. Planners have little to no power or say in the final outcomes. Those decisions are left to a delegate who you don’t meet. That’s right someone that doesn’t know your situation makes the final decision.

If that’s not bad enough the plan is merely a statement of goals. The pursuit of equipment, attendant care hours, physiotherapy etc still goes through the same amount of scrutiny it always did. I lost count of the times the people from the NDIS said “you’ll need to provide evidence of that” and “that will require an assessment”. As this went on I looked at my long suffering occupational therapist in disbelief. I couldn’t believe that this new model of service delivery for people with disability sounded exactly the same. We are going to be put through these horrible invasive procedures all over again.

Primarily though I haven’t had the best time over the last 12 months. At last I am getting back to what I want to be. Doing podcasts, getting out, living my life the way I choose to. Hearing all this created immediate stress. Now the majority of my time will be spent sorting out the NDIS. Getting quotes, liaising with therapists, etc is incredibly labour intensive. Na├»vely I thought the NDIS was here to streamline that process. Yet right at the beginning it seems to be worse or as bad as it always has.

It takes a lot to make me consider giving up, after my planning meeting though I was close. The negative thought of what’s the point coming to the surface. Having said that I shall continue on but I really feel for those that can’t voice their concerns. Maybe you need to have disability or be related to someone that has to fully understand.

These processes are demoralising and ultimately tiring. To complicate it further there is often no reward for the effort put in. If you really want to improve life for people with disability respect this and make the planning meeting more useful. Get everything out of the way early and then leave us alone so we can get back to living life. As ideological as I am I don’t think I’m asking too much.

In the short term I shall play the overrated waiting game, contemplate how I’m keeping my brother on my care team (no that’s not a typing mistake) and gather energy for all these appointments I am forced to endure.

I better get back into writing blogs too. There is certainly enough ammunition out there. It seems so repetitive but when the point isn’t being made what choice do we have.

I find proving my disability incredibly degrading particularly when I have had it my whole life. From the outside world though while it’s frustrating it makes sense. When it comes from the disability sector that’s hard to take. Always is, always will be.

So to see the NDIS already failing at this by not recognising it in the first place certainly raises concerns, which is a shame.

Yet we have to remain optimistic. People with disability are here to stay and believe it or not we have dreams and aspirations.

I'd just like the opportunity to be able to explore mine. I live in hope.